Preventative Education & Awareness

At Rowan House we strongly believe prevention and education are the most effective ways of ending violence within our community. We strive to increase our involvement with families, children, indigenous populations, schools, community groups, agencies and the media in order to provide the best possible education in regard to family violence.

School Presentations

Elementary School Presentations:

Grade 2:
What is a Bully?

Grade 5:
Standing up to Bullying

Junior & Senior High School Presentations:

Grade 8:
Healthy Relationships

Grade 11:
Healthy Relationships and Dating Violence
Are You Ready to be in a Relationship?

NEW - Leading Change Presentations:

Rowan House is calling on schools, sports teams, youth clubs, businesses and community organizations to make a difference for those living with violence.

Our goal is to further encourage men and boys, or any bystander, to use their voice to stand along-side women and girls to both prevent and end gender-based violence.

Presentations are 75-90 minutes long and are geared toward youth aged 12-18, as well as adults.

Topics Covered:
Gender-Based Violence - what it is and how to recognize it
The Role Masculinity Plays in Society
What it Means to Act as a Leader
Bystander Intervention - who is a bystander and simple actions anyone can take to become a leader 

Healthy Relationship Education Groups


Are you or someone you know struggling in a relationship? Are you looking for information or support? Sign up for one of our free, six-week Healthy Relationship Education groups in High River or Okotoks.

Topics Covered:
Healthy Relationships
Domestic Abuse and the Cycle
Impact of Abuse and Coping Skills
Effects of Domestic Abuse on Children
Self-Esteem and Boundaries
Moving Forward

Next Group starts March 7th, 2018

Public Presentations

Domestic Violence 101
Healthy Relationships 101
About Rowan House

To learn more or to book any of these presentations, please contact or call 403-603-5996.