Our Mission at the Rowan House Emergency Shelter is to provide crisis intervention, long-term support and education for those affected by family violence in rural communities.



That every person is safe and secure and lives without abuse.


Rowan House Trauma Informed services take into account an understanding of trauma in all aspects of service delivery. Safety, trustworthiness, choice, collaboration and empowerment are the core values at Rowan House.


Rowan House Emergency Shelter General Brochure (download)

Rowan House Society Community Programming Brochure (download)

Annual Report

RHS 2016-2017 Report to the Community

RHS 2015-2016 Report to the Community

“Rowan House has been a huge blessing for me and my babies. You have helped me to remember my true self. I am so happy my kids got this time to just be kids, play and have fun. They needed that. We will never forget how spoiled we were! You made an incredible change in our lives and I am sooo grateful.”
— Anonymous


Chris Tulloch, Chairperson 

Leslie MacRae-Krisa, Vice Chair

Betty Foran, Treasurer

Louise Wasylenko, Secretary

Anna-Marie Plante, Director

Kim Anderson, Director

Sue Stefan, Director

Ashley Ness, Director

Sherrie Botten, Executive Director

Jocelyn Kolkman,  Director

Cheryl Bryk, Director


Rowan House is an engaged member of the Alberta Council of Women's Shelters working together to provide families leading edge care in domestic violence services.